My Parents Abandoned Me and My Younger Siblings When I Was 15 — Years Later, They Knocked on My Door Smiling

Three siblings

Tori’s world shatters when her cruel parents abandoned her and her two little brothers, leaving them to fend for themselves. Years later, just as she begins to rebuild her life, her estranged parents knock on her door, smiling as if nothing had happened. Why have they returned now, after all these years, and what do they want from Tori?

Shocked, I watched as my parents hurried around the living room, packing. My father yelled, “We’ll call child services; they’ll take you away.”

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With confused and terrified faces, my little brothers huddled around me.
“Tori, what’s happening?” Lucas asked from wide, terrified eyes.
He was just six, and I started to cry for him.

“I’m not sure, Lucas,” I said, giving him a firm hug. Still, it’s going to be fine. I guarantee.
The fact was, I was only fifteen and had no idea what was going on.
Just five years old Ben started to cry. “Tori, I don’t want to go. I want to be with you.

My small brothers hurt my heart.
Though I felt so weak, I wanted to shield them and keep us all together.
The doorbell rang, and my heart sank still more.

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Like dad had threatened, it was the Child Protective Services.
Into the living room entered a woman with a gentle face. She introduced herself; I missed her name. Too fast was my mind running.
She uttered a soft “I’m here to help.” “I know this is tough, but we have to get you somewhere safe.”

Lucas gripped me tightly, and I held him close. “Please, don’t take us away,” I urged. “We might stay here and be good.”
The woman sighed, staring dejectedly. “I’m sorry, Tori.” Not up to me, is what I mean here.
Tears flowed down my face as they guided us from the house.

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Too, Lucas and Ben were crying, their small hands gripping mine until they were hauled away. My heart seemed to be pulling apart from my chest.
Each of us was loaded into a different car headed for a different foster home.
Through the car window, I watched my brothers as their tear-streaked faces vanished from sight.

The trip to my foster house was a haze of tears and uncertainty.
I kept going back over my father’s icy remarks in my head, wondering how this had happened.
How could they simply toss us like that?

At the Thompsons’ foster house, my next chapter of life started and it was no better.
I felt like an outsider from the time I arrived.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson treated me as a burden rather than a child in need; they hardly looked at me.

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Their icy looks and the way they treated me—always brief and contemptuous—rangements me.
It was abundantly evident I was not wanted.
Mrs. Thompson would say, “Make sure you finish your chores, Tori,” her voice devoid of any warmth.

Keeping my head down, I would say, “Yes, ma’am.”
The loneliness felt stifling.
I wondered whether Lucas and Ben missed me too or whether they were alright since I missed them so terribly.

The days passed, one merging with the next in silence and task-filled slowness.
Just the cold indifference of a family that didn’t care—no warmth, no comfort.
I lost it one day. I was so resolved to flee.

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I reasoned that perhaps I could locate my brothers, or at least somewhere I felt less alone. I hardly got far the first time I ran. The cops located and brought me back.
Furious, the Thompsons were
“Why do you find yourself running away constantly?” Mr. Thompson pointed at me angrily. “Do you know how much trouble you are generating?”

Though I knew I wasn’t, I mumbled, “I’m sorry”. I just wanted to get out.
The same happened each time I fled. I would be ignored even more, hauled back, and chastised. But I persisted.
One rainy night I made decisions. Slipped out the window with a small bag full of the few things I owned.

The toughest choice I ever made was deciding on the uncertainty of the streets instead of the Thompsons’ icy indifference.
Street life was brutal and merciless. I temporarily took cover in an old, vacant trailer. It provided some cover from the elements, even though its door was broken and its roof leaked.

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Every day following that presented challenges.
I took odd employment, anything that would bring a few bucks to keep going. I helped out at a nearby diner, carried groceries, and cleaned vehicles. Though the money was hardly sufficient, I was making it work.
Not knowing where my brothers were made the toughest component of it all.

I sorely missed Ben and Lucas. Every time I could, I visited them; but, they were moved about so much that it grew more difficult.
The most devastating thing happened one day when I visited Ben.
An unfamiliar face answered when I knocked on the door.

“Excuse me; could I see Ben?” I sought.
Shaking her head, the woman said, No, last week they moved out. I believe they traveled to another state.
My pulse sank. I asked furiously, “Do you know where they went?”

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She pityingly turned to face me. “I’m sorry, I don’t.”
I felt I had let Ben down. I wailed while seated on the house’s steps.
Ben had assured me we would be together, and now it felt as though that promise had been broken.

I clung to the hope that I would locate my brothers once days stretched into weeks. Lucas still lived in town; I visited him whenever I could.
But always in the rear of my mind was also my fear of losing him.

Months later, I found work cleaning a small shop on the outskirts of town. Though menial, cleaning shelves and scrubbing floors, the work was consistent.
Every dollar I made, I saved. I lived modestly, just spending on needs.

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Mr. Jenkins, the owner of the shop, saw my diligence one day while sweeping the floor. “Tori, you work hard,” he said. “Have you given returning to school some thought?”
I gestured. Sure, sir. Although money is tight, I want to start college.
Mr. Jenkins grinned softly. “Keep saving; you’ll reach that point. I have faith in you.

His remarks inspired me. I kept working hard until finally I had enough saved to start community college. Still, juggling school and employment proved challenging. My evenings were occupied with classes and homework; my days began early with shop cleaning.
I have experienced moments of overwhelm, but I persisted. I recalled the pledge I promised my brothers and myself. I have to create something of myself. I kept from letting them down.

Years went by until, at last, I received a degree in business administration. Applying for a job as a store assistant in a big clothes retailer with my recently acquired credentials,
Starting from the bottom presented difficulty, but I was not new to diligence. I always gave my all, arrived early, stayed late, and showed up.

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Ms. Carter, my manager, first observed my commitment with time.
One day as we replenished shelves together, “Tori, you’re doing great work,” she said. “I’m pushing you toward a supervisor.”
” Thank you, Ms. Carter!” I responded, eager and appreciative. “I pledge I’ll do my best.”

Being a supervisor presented fresh obligations and challenges. I asked for guidance, grew from mistakes, and worked hard. My efforts paid off; a few years later, I was appointed store manager.
Still, it felt as though fate had chosen to try me once more. There was a knock on the door as I was getting ready in my new flat.

When I opened it, my parents, Charles and Linda, were standing there looking as though nothing had ever happened, carrying suitcases.
“Hello, darling!” my mother exclaimed delightfully.

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Standing there, stunned in disbelief was me. They showed up now, audacious enough after all these years.
Still smiling, my father asked, “Can we come in?”

Still startled, I moved aside to let them in. Sitting in the kitchen, a clear silence hung between us. Making coffee, a thousand questions flew through my head.
My mother said at last as they drank their beverages. “We were hoping you might let us stay here for a while, just until we got back on our feet.”

Startled, I fixed my gaze on her. “You want to share my life?”
“Yes,” they both said, practically simultaneously.
“Who? Why? How then did you even come across me? I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

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“Oh, sweetheart, what does that mean? Family is supposed to support one another; we are family.
My rage grew intolerable at last.
“Oh really?” asked I grabbed. “You have not asked one question regarding my brothers since you arrived. You just show up here, expecting me to assist you after you turned away from us? Where did your thoughts about family supporting one another emerge when we were homeless on the streets?

Though I gave them no chance to reply, they seemed surprised. Rising, I headed upstairs to get an old ten-dollar bill my father had given me years ago. Coming back to the kitchen, I handed it to them.
“Just as much as it helped me back then, I hope this helps you. Now leave my house never to return.”

Their smiles darkened as the truth of my words sank in. They gathered their belongings and headed off without another word.
I had an unusual sense of closure as the door shut behind them. I was at last free; they had gone.
My past stopped me no more. I was all set for whatever followed.

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What would you have done?

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