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NASA predicts Valentine’s Day 2046 asteroid impact.

NASA is a pretty well known agency all across the world. It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is a U.S independent agency that is responsible for the civil space program, aeronautics research and space research. It also monitors the outer space and predicts the location of asteroids. A lot of what we know about the space today is courtesy of NASA.

Besides sending manned spacecrafts or satellites to explore the outer universe, NASA also plays a major role in monitoring the movement of objects that pose a threat to the planet.

NASA predicts that an asteroid will hit Earth on Valentine’s Day in 2046.

NASA recently revealed that it is tracking an asteroid that is predicted to hit Earth approximately on the 14th of February 2046. The asteroid is named “2023 DW” and it is about the size of an Olympic swimming pool. While this news definitely seems worrying, NASA said that the chances of the asteroid hitting the earth are actually really slim (1 in 400). Further relieving people of any anxiety, it has also listed the asteroid on the risk scale as “extremely unlikely” and “no cause for public concern.”

NASA predicts asteroid hitting the earth

More information regarding “2023 DW”

Although a lot of the news coverage (including this one) regarding the asteroid says that it is likely to hit the earth in 2046, NASA’s data shows that the asteroid has ten predicted close approaches to Earth, one of which is February 14, 2046.

NASA’s asteroid watch twitter account also put out a tweet regarding this topic. They said, “We’ve been tracking a new asteroid named 2023 DW that has a very small chance of impacting Earth in 2046.”

As of now, scientists are keeping a close eye on the object and monitoring it as needed. The predictions regarding 2023 DW are also being updated regularly.

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