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Pakistan’s internal matter: US on Imran Khans arrest


On Saturday Aug 5 police arrested Imran Khan in Lahore after the court sentenced him to be in prison for a period of three years because of illegal selling of state gifts. The guilty verdict may stop the opposition leader from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party in order to not contest a national election later this year.

According to U.S state department spokesman who said on Monday that the arrest of Imran Khan Is Pakistan’s internal matter and one should not interfere with it thus declining to take a position on the legal troubles that also of the former prime minister and for frequent U.S critic. He even said that they call for respect of democratic principles and the rule law of Pakistan.

The prime minister Imran khan was sent to jail for three years after the court found him guilty of graft in Toshakhana case which is likely to bar him from standing in the elections which are due this year. According to the laws of Pakistan anyone who is convicted of a criminal office is meant to be disqualified from contesting elections and parliament is likely to be dissolved in next weeks before it completes it term. The national vote is to be held by the later of year or maybe in early year of 2024.

According to the news the president’s dishonesty has been established beyond doubt, he has been found guilty of corrupt practices and by hiding the benefits he accrued from national exchequer that to willfully and intentionally. A video statement was released where khan said that even though he’ll be in jail he requested them to just not sit silently at home. This is a war of justice, for right, freedom and chains are broken one must continue to protest peacefully until they get their rights.

The Judge has even fined him around $350 and soon after ruling the police took him away by entering his home in Lahore.

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