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People die and go missing in shipwreck in Central Mediterreanean

Ship Wreck

According to the recent news report the vessels reportedly set off on Thursday morning from Tunisia’s Sfax which is a hot spot in the migration crisis but it capsized and sank after a few hours.
Around 41 migrants died in a shipwreck last week in the central Mediterranean and this was reported by the Ansa News agency on Wednesday. They cited accounts from various survivors who have just reached the Italian island of Lampedusa.
According to the reports released by Ansa four people who survived the shipwreck told rescuers that they were on a boat which was carrying around 45 people and it even included three children.
The boat was set off in the early morning of Thursday from Tunisia Sfax which is currently the hotspot in the migration crisis and the survivors quote that it sank and capsized for hours.
The survivors included three men and a woman from Ivory Coast and Guinea, they said that they were initially rescued by a Cargo ship and then they were further transferred onto an Italian coast guard vessel. But the coast guard did not immediately respond to the request for comment but ended up giving it.
Even though it is somewhat unclear that the news given by Ansa was linked to the two shipwrecks that were reported on Sunday by the coast guard which said that around 30 people were missing from them.
According to the coast guard, it was said that they had recovered 57 survivors and two bodies amidst the media reports which said that at least one of the sunken boats had set off from Sfax on Thursday.
Other than this the Tunisian authorities on Monday said that they have recovered around 11 bodies from a shipwreck near Sfax on Sunday even though around 44 migrants were still missing from the sinking.
At present, Italy has seen around 93,700 migrant arrivals by the sea and it is according to the interior ministry data which was last updated on Monday which when compared to 44,700 in the same period of 2022.

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