Pet-Sitting Mom Mauled To Death, Cops Say After Finding Her Body.

According to reports, a young mother was watching her pet when her lifeless body was discovered in the home’s garage. Authorities claim that she was mauled to death by the animals she was caring for after finding her corpse close to a collapsed cage.

Rebecca McCurdy with her husband Brandon (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Mother-of-two Rebecca McCurdy, 28, of Oklahoma, died tragically while house- and pet-sitting for a friend. She was survived by her husband and two young children. After being asked to do a welfare check at a residence west of Skiatook, a town around 16 miles north of Tulsa, authorities learned of Rebecca’s tragic death, according to the Pawhuska Journal-Capital.

Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared police for what they would discover when entering the home. Upon arriving at the residence following the request for a welfare check, Osage County officers discovered Rebecca’s lifeless corpse by a fallen cage in the garage. It quickly became apparent to the police officers that the Oklahoma mother had been mauled to death while pet-sitting for her friend.

Rebecca McCurdy (Photo Credit: Facebook)

While housesitting and taking care of the homeowner’s dogs, evidence at the scene indicated that “Rebecca was the victim of a dog attack,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release. According to the news announcement, “the homeowner claimed he raised pit bull dogs for hobby/sale.” The garage included a number of caged pit bull dogs. There were very obvious indicators of a dog assault, and one of the dog cages was overturned.

Although it’s unclear from some stories if one or more dogs mauled Rebecca McCurdy, deputies “said evidence suggests two pit bulls attacked and killed her,” according to News 9. The NY Post also stated that the dogs believed to have been involved in the assault were seized from the house, placed under the care of animal welfare, and detained by the police while an investigation was conducted.

Rebecca McCurdy with her husband Brandon (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In her online obituary, Rebecca McCurdy was described as having an infectious “warmth and genuine glow,” People Magazine reported. She is survived by her husband, Brandon, and their two young children, Brandon “Bear” Michael and Reagan Alexandria-Jane, according to her obituary.

According to her obituary, Rebecca “always had a smile on her face and brought joy and laughter to those around her.” It was never predictable if she would be mischievous and remove all the batteries from your remote controls or kind and bring baked treats. She kept everybody guessing in the best way possible. The huge and vast void she is leaving behind means that our lives will never be the same without her in them.

Rebecca McCurdy (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Just a few days before her ninth wedding anniversary, Rebecca was a stay-at-home mother pursuing her political science bachelor’s degree. She conducted praise and worship at Kingfisher First Baptist congregation and “truly blessed this church with her gifts.” She was also a gifted vocalist, with the “voice of an angel” and “not afraid to use it.” She was also a “very experienced cook,” with whatever she “whipped up” being called “amazing.” She could play the mandolin, piano, and guitar.

Rebecca McCurdy stated in her obituary, “Without her in our life, ours will be permanently altered. There is a huge and open space that she is leaving behind.” Taking care of these “pets,” who have undoubtedly developed a nasty reputation for causing serious damage, if not death, unknowingly placed this young mother in peril. Consequently, an unwelcome gap developed.

Rebecca McCurdy with her husband Brandon and their two children (Photo Credit: Facebook)

I think it’s safe to say that decent pet ownership should prevent tragedies like this one from occurring, without going into the pit bull controversy. If you plan to acquire a dog, you have to make the commitment to understand how your pet may behave toward someone when their owners aren’t there. This includes when hiring someone to pet sit.

In addition, if your pet poses a risk to others, you have to make sure they can’t escape their yard, cage, or other containment. You should not keep an animal that is capable of killing a human person if you cannot ensure the safety of people around you. If you fail, someone else will probably have to pay a heavy price. Don’t trust what I say? Recall this tale and the countless others that are similar to it.

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