(PHOTOS) : They Thought It Was A Normal Feral Pig Until They Cut It Open

After people noticed something unusual, images of a feral hog in California went viral. When they went in for a closer look at this beast, they were left utterly stunned even though at the time the pig seemed to be ordinary.

(Feral Pig (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Glenn, an unidentified man we will refer to, said on Reddit that his in-laws shot a feral pig on their Morgan Hill property. As the blood left the pig, they tied it to an ATV and made a quick trip back to their residence. The hunters sliced into the pig when it came time to cook the meat and were shocked.

Glenn indicated that things were about to get interesting when he added, “They thought it was a normal pig until they cut it open.” Their surprise to discover a vivid blue hue beneath the wild pig’s hide is likely something you can picture. Actually, the more they chopped, the more they could see the unusual color.

(Feral Pig (Photo Credit: Imgur)

There was reasonable worry about all the wild pig fat, or adipose tissue, since it was this electric blue hue. Whatever the portion, it was all over the pig; everything else about the animal seemed normal. The blue fat all over the body was the one oddity.

Glenn finally changed his post saying, “I know blue pigmentation is often caused from copper poisoning, but all that they have are some old mercury mine shafts that they have filled in.” Many readers offered plausible causes. They have also shot wild pigs on the ranch before; none of them have been blue.

Feral Pig (Photo Credit: Imgur)

A few readers speculated that the feral pig might have really consumed squirrel poison, tinted blue and affects the insides of whatever it consumes. One individual even claimed to have seen the phenomena at the same spot.

Sheep_wrangler, a Reddit user, responded, ” Yep! hunted pigs in Morgan Hill, California, where this was fired. We painted the anticoagulant rodenticide blue and used it to poison the ground squirrels. Based on another California hunter, I suppose they are teaching this in hunters safety. Should the flesh be blue, it is not meant for you! I have seen several pigs with similar color, though not quite as close to that vivid blue. Yes, though, the reason is a poison we applied to ground squirrels!

Feral Pig (Photo Credit: Imgur)

The anticoagulant listed above seems to cause squirrels a similar “blue fat” effect. Most of the comments seemed to agree that the pig’s color came from anything it consumed. Self-identifying as an ecologist, a user reasoned that the pig ate something fat soluble.

“Considering this pig is in California, it’s most likely it has been consuming water from a nearby food or candy factory making blue dyes for their food,” he said. “Some people claim the pig drank from a Port a John, but considering the side effects, I’m not sure it would have actually done this.” Someone stated Anticoagulants used to kill California ground squirrels, a problem. This strikes me as the most likely offender.

Feral Pig (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Glenn claimed that no animals seemed to try to touch or consume the cadaver after they left it sit for roughly one day. Still, the reason is yet unknown. Apart from stating they have shot wild pigs on their land and the dead have never been blue, he also claimed they contacted their neighbors and none noted any food death.

The family allegedly sent samples to the University of California Davis (UC Davis) to investigate the reason but did not offer an update. Given cutting into a slab of beef and discovering such a thing, how would you react? Could you possibly consider eating this?

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