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Pilot Husband thrashed for torturing 10-year-old domestic help Dwarka:

pilot thrashed

On Wednesday 19th of July, A pilot and her husband were thrashed by locals in Dwarka after it emerged that they had employed a 10-year-old girl illegally and more than that they had physically abused her.

The video which got viral showed that a pilot in her uniform was hit by multiple women and her husband is part of the ground staff of the airline. Kaushik and Poornima Bagchi are seen struggling for their lives because of repetitive hits by the public.

The couple employed a 10-year-old minor as a domestic help two months ago which came into notice when a relative of the minor noticed several injury marks on her face and body and immediately informed the police. This ultimately led to a crowd gathering at the couple’s residence and manhandling them.

The case has been registered against the couple for child labour, physical abuse, and a charge against the engagement of minors. In return, the accused have been arrested for assaulting. Though the girl was employed through her relative who also works in a nearby household.

Delhi Commission for women condemned the incident and said that strict action would be taken against such merciless people for brutally torturing her and making her a domestic servant at such an early age. 

All Indians out there doing the same should understand that child labour is strictly prohibited and for those who opt for this, strict action will be taken against them. This age is not for working but for learning, educating them, and developing their skills by sending them to school. It’s not an age to work but an age to develop. One should stop this practice and rather help those kids with their education to help them develop and master their talent.

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