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PM Modi hits out at the opposition for disrupting parliament session:


On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi hits out at opposition parties that were continuously disrupting the monsoon session of parliament and he commented while addressing the meeting of BJP MPs that he has never seen such a directionless opposition. He drew parallels with the East India Company and the Popular Front of India.

According to him using the country’s name wouldn’t be enough to just mislead the people. The stage for a direct fight with BJP led NDA to next year’s Lok Sabha poll in which 26 parties gathered in Bengaluru and decided to name the opposition as INDIA which has an acronym for Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance. According to Modi opposition is disappointed and even frustrated, this conduct shows that he has made up his mind to remain in opposition. 

According to the sources PM Modi was confident enough that BJP will surely come to power after 2024 and asserted that India will even become the third-largest economy in the next tenure of government. Even some opposition parties are likely to have a no-confidence motion that is against the government.

July 20 commenced as a monsoon session and is marked by interruptions due to protests and disruptions by members of the newly formed alliance INDIA. Their demand is a statement from the prime minister regarding the Manipur case which has ultimately led to a long list of pending legislative matters on this specific agenda with this on the trend union home minister Amit Shah will also respond in-house on the matter.

In conclusion, Amit Shah urged the opposition party to permit the Manipur discussion and accepted that it was an important and serious issue to discuss where the nation should get to know the reality of this situation. 

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