Rare Moments Of PDA Witnessed Between Donald And Melania Trump

When Melania Trump married Donald Trump in 2005, she most definitely had no idea she would become the first lady ten years and some change later. And consider how nearly their relationship never happened. At their first meeting at New York Fashion Week, Melania and Donald crossed paths; Donald was at the time pursuing another love interest. “He wanted my number, but he was with a date, so of course I didn’t give it to him. I said, ‘I am not giving you my number; you give me yours, and I will call you.'” Melanie told Harper’s Bazaar in 2016.

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Donald followed exactly, arming the Yugoslavian model with every numbHis “vitality” moved Melanie, who soon called him, and they started dating.The two began dating. He asked his 24-year-old girlfriend the question by 2004; the rest of it is historical. Of course, Melanie had no idea then that she would eventually be the first lady of the United States of America.

Rumors that Melania was unhappy in the union surfaced during Donald’s presidency; Stormy Daniels’ claims haunted him; and in the years since his time in office, there has been constant conjecture about whether their relationship would last. Though we cannot know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, we do know that over the years, the two have had a few noteworthy PDA moments.

Melania Trump gave a kiss to the future president

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For the Trump family as much as for America, 2016 was a year of tremendous transformation. Donald Trump had to campaign, though, before he confirmed his presidential election triumph. He therefore made attendance at every rally he could in preparation for the major night. Selecting a presidential nominee proved the first challenge. The Trumps paid attendance to the first day of the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18 Donald was joined on stage by none other than his third wife, Melania. She underlined her husband’s compassion in her speech. “This kindness is not always noted, but it is there for all to see. That is one reason I fell in love with him to begin with,” she remarked (via Politico).

Several pictures of the couple softly canoodling on the stage show either hugging or leaning in to kiss. One instance where Melania planted a smooch on her husband’s cheek and raised her hand to the audience Pulling a face as she did, Donald seemed to be welcoming his wife’s public display of affection.

Said otherwise, Patti Wood, a body language specialist, told Us Weekly that the couple’s PDA events at the 2016 RNC felt rather rigid. Wood said, “That was not even a real hug… She also didn’t go in close. That was really odd. There was no real warmth.” After glancing at one of their embraces, Wood said, “That was also happy to be there to support her husband.”

Donald Trump planted one on Melania Trump at a baseball game

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Though early on in their marriage, Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage may be on the rocks these days, there could be indications otherwise. Taken at a Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets game in 2009, this quick snapshot shows the business magnate unable to hold his hands off his wife. Only a few years into their marriage, these sweeties seemed to enjoy each other’s company and routinely attended public events together.

Donald remarked as much on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2011. “I really think that we have a very good friendship. We’ve had a very good relationship and a really great friendship.” Moreover, they appeared to be a strong team that respected one another.”To be married to my husband, you need to be very smart and quick. You need to be very independent in a way,” declared Melanie.

For the press, Melanie was always fascinating, even before she became the first lady. “We’ve always sort of thought that Melania and Donald Trump looked like one another… they both do this Sports Illustrated-swimsuit-model posture for pictures, where they squint their eyes and open their mouths a little bit. It’s like they just burped during sex and are trying to blow it away or something without ruining the moment,” notes the Intelligencer section of New York Magazine.

Melania and Donald Trump shared a smooch at the White House

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Donald Trump’s presidency had reached its halfway point in 2018, and rumors about whether or not Melania Trump enjoyed serving as first lady had long persisted. More importantly, there had been rumors about whether or not Melania was content in her marriage. As an unidentified source claimed to Vanity Fair in 2017, “This isn’t something she wanted, and it isn’t something he ever thought he would win.” Melanie seemed desperate to get out, as reality TV alum and former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claimed in her book “Unhinged,” Express said. “Melanie is counting every minute until he leaves office so she can divorce him,” she wrote.

Whether that was accurate is unknown since neither Donald nor Melania responded to the speculations at the time. Rather, they kept showing up in public as usual, including at a state arrival celebration on the South Lawn at the White House upon welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron.

Donald once gently rested his hands on his wife’s arms and brought her in for a kiss while she raised her white cap. Still, the brim of his hat seemed to impede him, and Donald turned to distribute some quick air smooches instead.

A show of affection outside Trump Tower

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Donald Trump is, as was already noted, much older than his third wife, Melania Trump. The two have 24 years separating them, thus when Melanie said her vows, she was 35. Photographs of fairly early on in their marriage, such this one taken in 2004, show a younger Melanie and Donald often contentedly embracing. Here the pair was captured leaving Trump Tower in New York, Donald sporting a sleek black overcoat and smart shirt while Melanie balanced it out with a pale blue blazer, jeans, and pumps. As Donald grinned far off, apparently in front of the cameras, she planted a kiss on his cheek.

The couple understood how to use angles and provide the media what they wanted even back then. While some would contend that Melanie’s body language is a little stiff and performative, she is usually seen in this era looking at ease. For his part, Donald was always quick to highlight Melanie’s strengths… even though maybe not in the most polite manner.

In an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” the same year this picture was taken, Stern inquired about Donald’s prospective wife using Hollywood Life. “‘Melania” is excellent in bed, Trump remarked. Though it didn’t stop the host from asking, “She wouldn’t want me to say that, but she is.” Luckily, he omitted giving Stern any more specifics.

The Trumps kissed multiple times at a rally

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Over the years, there have been many dramatic Trump family events; yet, every now and then they provide peeks into what their dynamic could be behind the scenes. Multiple times during a campaign rally at Wilmington International Airport in North Carolina, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump drew Melania Trump in for a kiss in 2016. Donning a white rendition of his trademark “Make America Great Again” cap, Donald seemed inclined to show some tenderness.Donald embraced Melania when she introduced him and the two planted a kiss. Donald hugged Melanie before they kissed on the lips while his supporters cheered him on. The two grinned at one another as the cheers went on before Donald smooshed another smooch on Melanie’s cheek. Walking side by side at the event, the two also held hands.

Melanie addressed the Republican National Convention on behalf of her husband that same year. She exclaimed, “When it comes to my husband, I will say that I am definitely biased, and for good reason. I have been with Donald for 18 years, and I have been aware of his love for this country since we first met.”

Whatever the result, Donald could be sure his wife and the rest of his family had his back all through his political career. If Melanie had felt differently at the time, she would not have expressed it.

Melania and Donald Trump’s brief moment of PDA

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Melania Trump’s extravagant life changed somewhat once her husband took office. She certainly still lived in luxury homes and wore designer suits, but she also attended several official and significant events. One such celebration honoring the wives and mothers of military personnel took place in the East Room in 2018.

The Trumps stayed at one other’s side during the event. As they grinned at one point, Donald put his arms around Melania’s torso and gently drew her in for a little kiss. As you may have observed, rather than often kissing each other on the lips in public, the pair chooses to exchange a courteous peck on the cheek.

Since Melanie happened to be the event host, she addressed the attendees accordingly. She said, “As a mother myself, I know what goes into raising a child. It takes an incredible amount of strength, a lot of time, a generous amount of patience, and all of your love,” according to the Trump White House Archives. Her husband started by praising her when she turned the podium over to him.”She’s become a very, very popular first lady. I’m reading that,” he remarked. “And I’m reading—I’m seeing all those stories, and they love Melania.”

The Trumps stayed close at the Liberty Inaugural Ball

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When Donald Trump, a businessman and former reality star, first declared he was running for president back in 2015, his triumph didn’t always seem assured. But he was chosen the 45th president of the United States in November 2016, and two months later the Liberty inaugural Ball honored the beginning of his term.

Eventually the garment was turned over to the National Museum of American History for the First Ladies exhibit; Melania Trump looked every inch the first lady in a cream gown by Hervé Pierre managed to tread between stunning and chic. From the evening’s pictures, Donald thought his wife looked great.Though it’s difficult to say for sure, the couple definitely seemed to intensify the public affectionate displays at this event. Hey, it was a great evening for the pair; it’s not every day you find yourself in this role, particularly in non-politics related fields.

They kissed, hugged, danced, and held hands over the evening.Though on the surface, these interactions seemed loving, body language specialist Patti Wood saw things differently. Specifically pointing out how stiff Melanie’s fingers looked as she danced with her husband, Wood told Mic their interactions felt frigid.

Donald and Melania Trump’s quick RNC smooch

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From whatever your perspective, running for president is not a simple task. For better or worse, Donald Trump saw out his term in the White House amid great turbulence. Melania Trump was there through all of it. Towards the end of their stay at the White House, the pair hosted the Republican National Convention on the grounds’ historic Rose Garden in 2020. One of the last summer events the couple would host, they didn’t miss the chance to present a unified front. Donald drew Melanie toward him at one point during the RNC and planted a quick kiss on her.

Declared as one of the speakers for the day, Melanie praised her husband and voiced her wish to see him run the nation for yet another term. “Donald is a husband who supports me in all that I do,” she declared (via ABC News). “He welcomes different points of view and encourages thinking outside of the box; he has built an administration with an unprecedented number of women in leadership roles and fosters an environment whereby the American people are always the priority.”

The year turned out to be turbulent for the Trumps, who, at the height of the epidemic, both tested positive for COVID-19. To top it all, Donald Trump lost the election in November of that year to Joe Biden. He was famously under fire for implying a possible virus treatment—that of injecting disinfectant.

The Trumps showed some more affection at another event for military moms

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Though there are several likely reasons why Melania and Donald Trump remain together, could it be as basic as love? Although it’s rare to see them kissing on the lips, many of their PDA moments caught on camera don’t always seem natural and relaxed. The couple held another event for East Room of the White House military mothers in 2019. While Donald choose a basic navy suit with a blue and red tie, Melanie wore a figure-hugging white dress with embellishments.

Donald was once seen grabbing his wife’s upper arms to slide in for a kiss on the lips. For some, it may seem like a poignant moment; for others, not so much. “There’s a distinct difference between that grip—the tension, the placement, the indent on somebody’s arm—and a hold, an embrace, to enjoy somebody being close to you,” body language guru Patti Wood advised Insider.

The Trumps were also captured tightly clutching hands as they made their way across the White House. And as Melanie thanked the attendees for their service, Donald gave her a soft pat on the back of approval when she spoke before the room of military mothers.Donald stood on the podium, thanking Melanie once she finished her speech. “Melania, you did a fantastic job arranging this amazing celebration of America’s military mothers,” he said.

Donald and Melania Trump’s Inauguration Day embrace

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Donald Trump’s metamorphosis has been most certainly fascinating. As he emerged victorious for the presidency and underwent his inauguration in January 2017, the globe watched in wonder. That day, the whole Trump family was out in force, with Donald’s children accompanying the recently appointed president and first lady to the West Front in Washington to celebrate. To keep on with the first lady style scene, Melania Trump wore an amazing sky blue Ralph Lauren dress with matching gloves for the occasion. The pair shone all day and were frequently seen hugging or clutching hands.

Sounds wonderful, right? Sadly, not everyone would read their interactions that way. Expert in body language Susan Constantine advised Mic, “If you didn’t know that they were married, you wouldn’t know that they are married…. I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever.”

In any case, the Trumps tried to present themselves as a cohesive front for Donald’s campaign and tenure in office. Donald thanked Melania before they danced to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” He said, via the Independent, “I want to thank all of our supporters. My number one supporter, Melanie, thank you, honey.”

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