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Removal of Stray dogs by Delhi Govt

Stray dogs

An action plan was prepared by the civic body which clearly stated that all the dogs from around 50 areas in Delhi and particularly near all the luxury hotels where the delegates will be staying should be removed.

Stray dogs near the hotels and major markets will have to be sterilized captured and kept in sterilization centres until the G20 leader summit in the city concludes successfully and this was ordered by the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi).

The dogs will be removed from the hotels and will also be transferred relocated from areas like Hauz Khas village, Malviya Nagar, Chandini Chowk and other places where delegates are likely to visit.

Apart from the hotels and markets, stray dog removal drives will take place in all the tourist places which are likely to be visited by all the delegates. Drives will also be conducted in the famous malls in Delhi.

There will be a rope by the corporations in NGO and private veterinary doctors and this operation will run from August 30 Friday. According to the rules of the MCD, stray dogs are to be released back safely to the same place from where they were taken for sterilization.

The civic body has planned on keeping the dogs temporarily at the animal birth control which are currently managed by the NGOs and will only be released after the G20 summit.

The butterfly net method will be implemented for catching the dogs and the action plan has given the instructions to Directors of Veterinary services at the municipal corporation to ensure that the dogs don’t sustain any sort of injuries or harm to their bodies.

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