‘Rotten Fraud’: Brad Pitt ‘Ghosts’ Hurricane Victims Who Bought Homes.

After using his Make It Right Foundation to assist hurricane victims in selling homes, Brad Pitt found himself in hot water. Since then, those victims have come forward, wanting everyone to be aware of Pitt’s “rotten fraud.”

(Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation took donations to build homes. (Credit: YouTube)

Although Hurricane Katrina struck August 2005, it is still discussed frequently today since it was among the most catastrophic natural events of recent years. Mostly African-Americans living in the poverty-stricken Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Katrina touched Therefore, the Ninth Ward survivors believed big-time Hollywood star Brad Pitt when he showed up and promised he was there to “help.”

Those survivors who purchased “affordable” houses constructed by Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation suffer and feel betrayed. “They believed in [him],” an attorney for Hurricane Katrina victims who purchased faulty homes promoted by Pitt said in an emotional interview. They held the dream he sold them. Sadly, what they received was a lot of broken promises; they lived in decaying homes that ought to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.

(Kamaria Allen (left) bought a Brad Pitt home but had to move out after mold & fungi like mushrooms (right) sprouted and made her ill (Credit: Screenshots)

Pitt and his Make It Right Foundation set out in 2006 to construct reasonably priced homes for Lower Ninth Ward residents of New Orleans who had lost everything the year before from Hurricane Katrina, Page Six said. “But the experimental, environmentally friendly homes turned out to be defective, leaving the residents with mold-infected homes.”

Those who bought the faulty houses still hoped Brad Pitt would “make it right.” They gave him an opportunity to handle things via a lawsuit. The lawsuit entered federal court. Make It Right claimed unfair trade practices, contract breach, and fraud. Pitt, sadly, only paid them some lip service and let them down once more.

(Reporter Ashleigh Banfield exposed the atrocious conditions of the homes in the Ninth Ward. (Credit: Screenshot)

Constance Fowler purchased one of the houses and has much to share. “Make It Right says this is the largest green community in the US where they’ve designed homes with solar panels, environmentally friendly insulation, and clean and healthy construction materials, but are they really?” According to Fowler.

“Look at how many are either abandoned or boarded off right now?” Fowler asserted. “When I paid $150,000 for my Make It Right house in 2014, there weren’t as many boarded-off homes back then; the company was always building and had a target of 150,000 homes. She continued, “The brochure they handed us made it seem like you were joining a family, it was quite attractive and there was a ten-year guarantee.” “They advised moving out since a woman living next door was getting sick from the mold. We will renovate your house. They did not, however.

According to reporter Ashleigh Banfield, some homes lacked rain gutters or waterproof paint. Some had flat rooftops or were so tightly insulated that once moisture entered, it stayed in. Pitt, according to the NewsNation reporter, even signed non-disclosure agreements for the victims. Termites and poisonous mold resulting from this apparently killed one resident. Since “Brad Pitt and the foundation have closed their offices,” Attorney Ron Austin says, “there’s sadly nowhere [for victims] to turn.”

A Make It Right leaflet states: “Safety: Make It Right homes are built to withstand the next storm or floor and are designed with safety in mind. Built to withstand winds of at least 130 mph, all homes are raised at least five feet. Considering the reality, Pitt had the boldness to declare his homes successful even though poor construction, black mold, and rotting wood were reported.

“I get this well of pride when I see this little oasis of color and the solar panels,” Pitt said. “I ask folks on their porch how their house is treating them when I drive into the neighborhood. Good. And they say, And then I ask, “What is your utility bill?” And I feel great when they toss something like “24 bucks,” or something.

Close to Brad Pitt, a source told Ashleigh Banfield that his “attorneys have made clear that he has no legal liability for the decisions made by others.” Said to be one of the richest actors in Hollywood, valued at almost $300 million, the Oscar-winner seems to have “ghosted” the Katrina victims. Pitt says a lot about helping less fortunate, like many in Hollywood, but the actions of the millionaire star in The Ninth Ward speak louder than any words ever could.

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