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Russian president signs legislation on outlawing gender-affirming procedures:

Russian President

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia signed a law banning gender reassignment surgeries in the country and this law was published on the official portal on Monday.

The document is supplementing the law which outlaws the medical treatment and also the use of medications which are intended to switch genders in order to protect the health of Russian nationals

In the major setback of the LGBTQUIA+ he signed the law restricting change of gender medically. The law was passed consistently in two places of Russia parliament to boycott those medical interventions which are aimed at changing the sex of person and even banning the Change of gender in the official documents.Also to mention that the law does not matter or effect the medical intervention connected with the treatment of birth irregularities and Maldevelopment in kids as well as illness related to problems of sexual differentiation majorly in youngsters.

If there is sex swap by either of the parent in a marriage then it is considered as legal grounds for divorce also the one who change their gender are ineligible to be other Charlie carers.These laws are to maintain Russian society’s constitution moral principles as well as safeguard children and adult health.

The bill is a discriminatory and real genocide of transgender people and once the bill becomes law the repercussions will be hard , leading to denial of all rights for transgender. Recently FSB reported that it had jailed a transgender activist for suspicion of treason.

Thus once the bill is passed there will be no swapping of gender and till then the ones who swap gender will be permitted.

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