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Solar mission aditya l-1 has started studying energetic particles

Just after India’s recent Solar mission Aditya L1 had began its journey toward L=1 point following a key Manoeuvre and has started studying energetic particles in the solar wind from the space which will continue to do so for the rest of its life as confirmed by the senior astrophysicist.

This study of the solar wind which is the continuous flow of the charged particle from the sun has permeated the solar system and will be carried out with the help of a device which is named as Supra Thermal and energetic particle spectrometer which is a part of the Aditya Solar wind Particle experiment payload.

STEPS is now started working from space and it was not sitting idle even earlier as it has started functioning from within the magnetic field of the Earth Since September 10 when Aditya was 52,000 kilometers above the planet.

During the whole travel time of the four months it has studied the energetic particles in the whole solar wind and the data will help in maintaining the health and the whole performance of our space assets in a much better way.

This key has aims of STEPS which is to study the environment of all the energetic particles from the spacecraft’s position on the L1 point and till it will function. It comprises of six sensors each one of them observes different directions and meausres super thermal and energetic ions and the data collected during the Earth’s orbits has helped the scientists to analyze the whole behavior of the particles which surround the planet epically in the presence of its magnetic field.


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