Story of the Day: Grandmother Sets Marriage Deadline for Granddaughter by Her 70th Birthday or She’s Excluded from Will

Grandmother talking to her granddaughter

Sophie was enjoying a delightful evening with family when her grandmother, Evelyn, decided to drop a bombshell. Evelyn’s announcement went beyond the ordinary. To get her inheritance, Sophie needed to get married within a month—in time for Evelyn’s upcoming birthday!

The whole family gathered in Evelyn’s big, traditional house, thus the living room was loud. She was always a vivid person wearing pink. She possessed unparalleled energy for years.

“Everyone, I require your focus!” Evelyn’s voice called for quiet. She looked at her assembled relatives and her eyes gleamed. The gossip stopped, and everyone turned to her.

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“Sophie,” Evelyn said, staring at her granddaughter, who sat uneasily in front of her family.

“It is admirable that you have committed your life to your career. But you have paid a price by ignoring our dear family values.

Sophie moved into her seat, looking somewhat annoyed. She knew this conversation was approaching. After all, her grandmother lived in a different era with different values.

Evelyn continued, “I stand before you as the last guardian of our family’s traditions, and it pains me to see them so easily cast aside.” Her words hung heavily in the air: “That is why I have decided, unless Sophie can find a husband by the time I turn 70 next month, she will not be included in my will.”

Sophie’s face went white, shock widening her eyes as the room went absolutely quiet.

She said, “Grandma, you can’t be serious,” barely above a whisper, but Evelyn’s face stayed firm.

“I am utterly serious, Sophie,” Evelyn responded sternly. “I cannot pass on my legacy to someone who shows no interest in continuing our family line.”

Her voice was sharp, devoid of any space for compromise.

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Sophie stood up suddenly, her chair scraping loudly against the floor, and her frustration erupted.

“I’ve spent years building my career, investing time and energy to become who I am today,” she protested, her voice rising with each word. “And now, just because I haven’t married, you want to cut me off from the inheritance? That’s not fair!”

Evelyn gazed up at her granddaughter, her face fixed.

“Life is about choices, Sophie. You chose your path, and now I am choosing mine.”

Sophie had a moment of emotional clarity after hearing her grandmother’s words, which were brutally honest. She bolted from the room, slamming the door behind her with a loud bang that rang across the still house. Sitting in her car, she cried out in the night silence.

Treating her grandmother’s challenge like another chore at work, Sophie tackled it with appropriate diligence.

She threw herself into the dating scene, created profiles on several internet dating sites, went to speed dating events, and even let her friends arrange her for blind dates. Her experiences, though, ranged from odd to absolutely disastrous.

She met Jason one evening; at first, he seemed charming. Jason leaned in as they settled into a small restaurant.

“Do you know that the moon landing was staged?” he whispered conspiratorially. Sophie choked on her drink, her eyebrows raised in disbelief. The date went downhill as Jason delved deeper into his conspiracy theories.

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She next met Peter, who discussed his collection of exotic reptiles in great detail.

“And here’s a photo of my pets, Monty and Tweedy!” he exclaimed, showing Sophie pictures of his cat and dog on his shelf. Sophie smiled politely, her interest waning by the second.

Every day left Sophie more disappointed. She completely missed her glazed-over expression during a date at a small coffee shop when she entered managerial mode and started talking about revenue sources and market dynamics.

These fruitless efforts and every awkward farewell highlighted her mounting hopelessness. She was completely naive for this erratic world of dating.

Sophie was surfing her phone back at the office, her most recent date another letdown. She sighed and turned to her dependable assistant, Steven, who was filing.

“Steven, could we talk?” Sophie had a sober tone.

Sure, what’s up? Steven asked with great attention.

Sophie hesitated, then blurted out, “I need a huge favor. I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend for a week.”

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Hurrying on, “I’ll pay you, of course.”

Steven blinked, shocked. ” pretend to be your boyfriend? Are you absolutely sure about this, Sophie?

“It’s just a week to have my grandma off my back,” Sophie hurriedly said. “We can call off straight after her birthday party.”

Steven agreed, though grudgingly, seeing her suffering. “Okay, I’ll handle it. But let’s make it believable at least.

They began spending more time together, sharing basic knowledge including preferred foods and interests.

Ever the perfectionist, Sophie turned their laid-back conversations into rigorous questions about Steven’s background, marriage philosophy, and even credit score.

Realizing they needed a different approach, Steven suggested, “How about we spend this weekend at my cousin’s lake house? Just relax, be ourselves. It might help us be more convincing.”

Sophie approved of Steven’s advice.

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” OK, Steven, how hard can this be?” As they stood in the tiny, rustic kitchen of the lake house, Sophie asked with a laugh and tied an apron around her waist. Both of them were cooking dinner, a task neither of which was particularly adept at.

“Based on what my cousin says, just toss everything in the pot and hope for the best,” Steven said while cutting vegetables.

Their luck fishing by the lake was tested while the pot simmered on the stove. Standing side by side with fishing rods, they soon came to see that they lacked the necessary talent. Several failed attempts later, Sophie started laughing. “Why are we so lousy at this?”

“It’s about spending time together, isn’t it?” Steven smiled in answer.

They sat by a small fire pit wrapped in cozy blankets and told tales of their early years as night fell.

“You know, I used to think being strong meant doing everything alone,” Sophie said, her voice low against the crackling of the fire. But this is nice. Sharing events, in other words.

Steven nodded, then passed her a marshmallow to roast.

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Indeed, good company makes life better. Even if it’s just roasting marshmallows and not doing very well at fishing.

Sophie knew she loved Steven’s company much beyond their original agreement by the end of the weekend as they were packing to depart.

“It’s strange,” Sophie mused as they drove back, “how a weekend can change so much.”

On their way home, the air was laid back and friendly. At last at the friendly environment Steven felt at ease and shared his dreams.

“You know, I have been thinking a lot lately,” he said, negotiating the meandering road. “This weekend let me understand how much I want to follow my aspirations. I have always wanted to launch my own company. Perhaps a café or a bakery.”

Her initial self-interest loomed over her, even if their shared weekend was pleasant. She said nothing, keeping her worries to herself, not wanting to talk him out of it, and fearing the possible disturbance to her plans.

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Arriving at Evelyn’s sophisticated house, Sophie and Steven were greeted with a formal dinner set aside to meet Steven, whom Sophie had heard great about. Soft lights illuminated the house, and the air smelled mildly of roasted meats and seasoned vegetables.

Evelyn grinned broadly to welcome them as they arrived.

With a hand Steven shook warmly, she said, ” Steven, I’m so pleased to meet you at last.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Johnson. Being here is an honor, Steven said with real respect.

Steven was the epitome of charm and grace during the dinner, effortlessly engaging with other guests and sharing amusing anecdotes that brought smiles.

But Sophie seemed detached. Her contacts with Steven were cold and formal, unlike the warmth they had experienced over their weekend trip even in spite of the friendly surroundings.

Evelyn sensed their stress as they withdrew to the living room for dessert following dinner. She chose to investigate what was happening.

“Sophie tells me you two had a wonderful weekend at the lake house, Steven. It must have been quite the getaway.” Her eyes twinkled with curiosity.

Steven looked at Sophie, a trace of friendliness on his face.

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” Indeed, it was fantastic. Beyond business, we developed a relationship.

Sophie’s answer was short and nearly contemptuous. She avoided looking at Steven and said, “It was a nice break.”

Given Steven’s sincere approach, Sophie’s actions perplexed Evelyn. Evelyn stopped to chat privately with Sophie as he excused himself to pick up some appetisers.

“Sophie, dear, what’s going on? I can see Steven cares deeply. Don’t play with his feelings,” Evelyn whispered, her voice stern yet concerned.

Sophie covered her surprise with a forced smile.

“Grandma, everything is fine. Steven and I are pleased. He’s even thinking about proposing soon,” she lied, hoping to appease her grandmother.

Evelyn, though, was only half sure. She nodded slowly, her uncertainties softly growing.

Steven returned at that very instant carrying a plate of snacks. His timing was such that he most certainly heard the conversation. For the rest of the evening, his manner changed; he grew quieter and more reserved.

When it came time to bid farewell, he nodded to Sophie and left without a word, his silence heavy with unspoken ideas.

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The next day the office felt colder and less crowded. Soon Sophie found the reason: Steven had quit. He came to pick up his stuff.

“Steve, I felt we were getting close. Then what happened? Confoundedly, Sophie asked.

Steven sighed, clearly frustrated.

“After the weekend, I thought we had something real. But you shut down and returned to treating me just as an assistant.”

Unable to meet his eye, Sophie turned away.

“I apologize to Steven. I simply got terrified.”

Steven nodded, his choice firm.

“I need more than this, Sophie. And I can’t accept your money for the charade.”

He grabbed his box, his shoulders back as he left Sophie alone with her regrets.

Lost in thought, Sophie spent the morning before Evelyn’s birthday party carefully selecting her attire, each item chosen to capture a mix of respect and celebration.

Her mind was flooded with memories of Steven as she got ready—their lake weekend, arguments, confessions, and ultimately his resignation. Her emotions startled her; she had not realized until he was gone just how profoundly she had fallen for him.

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Her heart skipped a beat when Sophie saw Steven chatting among the attendees when she got to the party. Always the sharp matriarch, Evelyn had sent Steven an invitation, a sign of her affection for him.

As Sophie walked up to him, her heart pounding and her palms moist, she could clearly be nervous.

“Steven,” she began, shaky but sincere, “I owe you a huge apology.” She took a deep breath, gathering her courage.
“The truth is, I missed you terribly. But it’s more than that. Our pretending… it turned into something real for me. I feel for you, genuinely and deeply. I’m so sorry for all the deception—it started about my grandmother’s will, but it became about so much more.”

Originally wary, Steven’s attitude changed as he heard her words.

“Sophie,” he replied gently, “I forgive you. I was part of the charade, too, remember? I agreed because… well because I’ve had feelings for you for quite a while. I thought this might allow us to explore if something could be real between us.”

Evelyn had been silently seeing their moment of reconciliation until she decided to join them; her approach was gentle but firm. She sat across from Sophie, her eyes flickering with knowledge and a little bit of mischief.

“Sophie, you’ve finally not disappointed me,” Evelyn said, a warm smile spreading across her face. “You’ve come to realize what truly matters. That’s why I’ll leave the inheritance to you and whatever family you build.
Her voice grew tender, “I never intended to follow through if you married just to meet the will’s conditions. I know you well enough, my dear. It wouldn’t have been right. All this was a test, a push to get you to look beyond your career achievements.”

Steven, always the peacemaker, made a lighthearted announcement before the conversation descended into uncomfortable silence.

“And speaking of new beginnings, I’ve opened my own bakery.” His face lit up with pride.

“Tonight I also made a particularly festive birthday cake. If everyone could visit the bakery occasionally to savor some coffee and cake, it would mean a great deal to me.

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The evening was festive, with the earlier tensions melting into laughter and shared stories. Around them gathered friends and relatives, their talks full of appreciation for Steven’s cooking abilities and wishes for Evelyn’s ongoing health and happiness.

Knowing her unusual approach had finally brought her granddaughter to reconsider her priorities and embrace a future where personal connections held more weight than professional success, Evelyn watched the young couple, her heart full.

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