Stunned Woman Snaps Photo After Hearing Waffle House Announcement.

Minding her own business, a woman was eating breakfast in a waffle house in Panama City Beach, Florida, when she was disturbed. The manager of the diner yelled an announcement, and all of the staff answered in an unexpected way, not considering who they might offend.

(Paige Price (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Paige Price was at Panama City Beach on vacation with her family. The manager of the Waffle House told the staff it was time for a shift change as she was silently savoring her dinner. This is an event that apparently does not occur at this specific place without prayer.

Every employee stopped what they were doing and convened. Some held hands, some removed their caps, and they softly murmured prayers together. Paige told WJHG, “We were seated and were just eating. “I overheard the manager mentioning something regarding a shift change or something else. Then I turned to see them gathered in a circle, clutching hands.

(Paige Price took a photo and shared it on social media. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Since acts of Christianity frequently offend people in our society, Paige couldn’t believe the unabashed display of faith in a public setting and wanted to take a picture. The participants scattered and went about their separate businesses when the prayer ended. Prayer was obviously a regular activity at this Waffle House, and every staff member was quite honest about doing it in front of customers.

Inspired by their deeds, Paige shared the picture on Facebook, outlining her impressions and ideas about what she saw. Paige noted in the post, “Some of u may think I’m weird for this and that’s okay.” Yes, I took a picture of the waffle house employees.

(Waffle House) (Photo Credit: Billy Hathorn/Creative Commons)

Paige went over and observed all of the employees gathered around each other, in a circle, some holding hands, and some taking their hats off. “I had to ask myself a few times if this was real, if they were really about to pray before each of them went their separate ways, and if they were really about to pray and not care who they offended. I had a pretty weird look on my face.”

Paige first sounded as though the prayer bothered her, but she went on to say how amazed she was by the audacious expression of faith. “Why am I posting this? She asked. “To see this just makes my heart smile; the world I have grown up in for 23 years is fast changing. Perhaps for our nation, afterall,l there is hope. These folks deserve praise for standing up for what they believe in and for not worrying about upsetting others or what others might think or say about them.

Paige claimed to have gotten many messages appreciating her for sharing the post. Messages from others claiming her post would cost the staff their jobs also reached her. That hasn’t occurred thus far, though. The corporate team of Waffle House said they were happy Paige loved her visit; they do not encourage nor discourage staff members from praying.

Paige informed FOX 5, “This picture shows how the world is supposed to be.” If Christians keep their faith and practices to themselves, then not only do the naysayers win when they say these acts are offensive, but we are not disseminating the good news of God’s word.

(Paige Price (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Paige said, “That’s mostly why I took the picture and shared it—of all the crazy stuff that’s going on in the world right now.” “It was kind of like, I guess, the ideal moment to take a picture; most people are afraid or scared to do it in public.”

Bravo to this audacious manager who runs that Waffle House with respect for God and blessings for the staff. In her little corner of this nation, she is a fantastic leader and a model for her staff. Should prayer offend you, you might wish to avoid this restaurant; but, I would be sure to visit should I ever get the chance.

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