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Supreme court flags gets viral and passes fake quotes.


The supreme court this Monday flagged a social media post which got too viral and falsely quotes the Chief Justice of India (CJI) who is Chandrachud and it was called fake and mischievous. As reported a fake post used the picture of CJI with quotes which indeed urged the people of the country to come out in protests against the ruling government. The post caption said that Indian democracy supreme court Zindabad.

CJI said that they are trying their best to save the constitution of India and the democracy of India. Co-operation is very important as all the people should unite and come out on the streets and ask the government for their rights, the dictatorial government will scare people and threaten, one doesn’t need to be afraid, keep the courage and asks the government to account, they are with us.

According to the public relations office, the top court in its statement said that it has come to the notice of the supreme court of India which a social media post that6 invokes the whole public to protest against the government authorities using a file photograph and falsely quoting the chief justice statement has been circulated.

It has been confirmed that the post is fake, ill-tended and mischievous. No such post has been issued by the Chief Justice of India nor has he authorized any such post legally. Appropriate action is being taken in this regard with the law enforcement authorities.

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