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The explosion led to the tragic Russian Blast

Russia Blast

According to the latest news given in the Russian blast, one person died while around 56 people in total got injured which followed a large explosion which tore through a Russian warehouse of the Capital Moscow and the whole incident happened on Monday.

The state media broadcasted footage of a dazzling ball of flames that got burst on the horizon and it followed a shockwave which shattered the windows of all nearby structures.

The governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov said that the warehouse in the city of Sergeyev Posad was rented by a private company and it was used to store all the fireworks.

According to the indications given by the governor more than 50 people have seemed for medical attention but one person died in the incident and it has been reported as a murder.

At the place of the incident, fire fighters could be seen dousing a burning building with water and on the other side, all the rescue workers could be seen while search dogs were digging through the charred remains.

In the video released after the incident, the governor and a hospitalized man remarked that even the glass felt like everything spoiled, they don’t know how it started but by the time they exited the workshop the whole surrounding area was just filled with smoke.

Yet, there is no clue how the incident was caused or that it wasn’t something immediate which caused it. According to all the investigators present there the criminal investigation has been initiated and they are finding out the possible violations of industrial safety.

Even though in Russia there are hundreds of fires being reported annually as a result of which there is outdated infrastructure and mainly a lack of adherence to the frequently low safety requirements. Even at the time of the Ukrainian drone attack, Russians were on high alert because of the massive explosion which occurred.

Thus, even this incident is seriously taken up by the Russian authorities and soon they will identify the cause for the same.

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