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There are five indicators of protein deficiency the body gives off!

As we all know, protein is a highly important and essential nutrient for our body. It is also sometimes called the building block of life. Every cell in the human body contains protein. So, the body needs these proteins to maintain and repair body cells or make new ones. It is also helpful in the growth and development of children, teenagers and pregnant women.

What is protein deficiency?

The term protein deficiency refers to a state of the body in which it lacks the sufficient supply of proteins necessary for its everyday functions. It is a serious problem that sometimes arises due to intake of an unhealthy diet, along with some other factors. This deficiency of protein in the body causes weakness, fatigue, thin, brittle hair etc.

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What are the indicators of protein deficiency?

It can sometimes be difficult to realize that you’re suffering from a particular condition since diagnosis is not an easy task. But your body gives off a lot of hints, which when understood correctly, can help in proper diagnosis of the condition early on.

Do you crave sugar more than normal?

Since proteins tend to digest slower than carbohydrates, eating a carbohydrate-based meal will mean that your body digests food a lot faster. This will result in the constant rise and fall of blood sugar in the body. This rise and drop eventually leads to more sugar cravings. This is your body’s way to tell you that you need to eat enough protein so that the body’s digestive rate goes back to normal.

Have you noticed any swelling on your body?

Swelling, or edema in medical terms, is often a sign of kwashiorkor. The low levels of albumin (a protein found in blood) in the body cause fluid build up in the legs, feet or abdomen, in extreme cases of malnourishment.

Do you feel weak and fatigued often?

Dieticians say that insufficient intake of protein will probably not cause any weakness in the short term because the body makes up for it by using up calories. But in the long term, protein deficiency can lead to the break down of muscles in order to supply protein to the rest of the body. This causes weakness and fatigue.

Does hunger trouble you more than usual?

Being hungrier than usual is also a sign of protein deficiency. The intake of protein decreases the level of the hunger hormone in the body, which allows you to feel full and satiated. When this protein is absent, you tend to feel hungrier and end up eating more.

Do you have issues with your skin, hair or nails?

Since your skin, hair and nails all are largely made up of proteins like collagen, elastin etc., a deficient supply of protein to the body will result in issues with these parts. Hair loss, acne, melasma and premature aging are just some of the signs.

A simply way to combat this problem of protein deficiency is eating more proteins. Taking the necessary steps and having a balanced diet can easily reserve mild cases of this condition.

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