Tom Hanks’ Son Shares Emotions Regarding His Famous Father.

The son of Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson, Chet Hanks, revealed his actual sentiments about his famous father, and things are not perfect.

(Chet Hanks speaks about his famous father on video (Credit: YouTube)

The firstborn son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Chet Hanks has been dubbed the “black sheep” among Tom Hanks’ four children. Chet opened up about his upbringing in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, saying, “People had this preconceived notion about me, that I was just going to be an arrogant, spoiled, and entitled brat.”

Known professionally as “Chet Hanx,” a sometimes rapper who has appeared regularly on Empire and Shameless, Chet revealed specifics about his upbringing and discussed how it molded the person he grew to be. “Everybody was just ready to hate my guts, so I encountered a lot of scorn, a lot of anger, and a lot of negativity,” he said. “And that made me walk about with a lot of anger and develop a chip on my shoulder.”

(Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks) (Credit: YouTube)

Though the media has labeled Tom Hanks “America’s dad,” Chet’s experience as his son seems to have been anything but perfect. Chet added, “I felt I had something to prove.” “I’m just now getting to the point where I’m starting to sincerely feel that I have nothing to prove to anyone.” Chet said, though, that what he “didn’t understand as a kid” was that “these people were just f*cking jealous of me, and they were projecting their own insecurities onto me. Growing up, I needed to hear that.

“I lacked, like, a strong male role model to tell me that,” Chet said. Hey, buddy, fck these folks for telling me. They merely feel jealous of you. They are jealous of all you have, thus, they are trying to fcking throw their shadow at you so you might feel sh*tty about yourself. Adding, “I needed to hear that,” the Empire actor went on to restituate his yearning for that “strong male role model.” Nobody was around to inform me of that. Right now, I am telling the younger version of myself what I need to hear.

(Tom Hanks, Chet Hanks, and Rita Wilson in 2015 (Credit: YouTube)

Regularly sharing pictures of himself flexing on Instagram, Chet said he felt the need to “be intimidating to other people,” so preventing “allow people to try to intimidate me,” as he was never told this as a child. The Fantastic Four star also said this defensive attitude and posturing to deal with his experiences led him down the “wrong path,” which he said was of “self-destruction,” and included “anger” and “partying.”

Chet suffered criticism in 2021. With his comments, the celebrity son infuriated the “woke crowd,” and Page Six noted, “hit with backlash after proclaiming ‘White Boy Summer will soon be approaching.” “I just got this feeling, man, that this summer is, it’s about to be a white boy summer,” he deadpanned for his Instagram audience. “Take it as you want.”

(Chet Hanks, (Credit: Instagram)

The phrase is a play on words meant to encourage women “to embrace their sexy side during the hottest time of year,” as stated in rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer song and online meme. On social media, however, Chet’s rendition did not sit well with progressives since several of his followers called him out for the video, complaining Chet was embarrassing Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

While the black sheep of the Hanks family focused on becoming a fitness trainer, Chet Hanks apparently closed the book on his famous parents and made a new career path known as “HanxFit.” According to TMZ, “he is designing personalized exercise regimens for his clients, including dietary guidelines.” But he is also imparting meditation techniques. And his work spills into life coaching, teaching individuals personal development on Zoom calls.

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