Trump Supporter Hands Cashier $20, Cops Called When He Sees Back

A Trump-supporter went to a Texas restaurant with a few buddies for dinner. He went to the register with a single $20 bill to pay after their dinner. Surprisingly, the cashier was a liberal who promptly called the police upon spotting what was on the back of the money he had just been handed.

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David Hill shared on Facebook an account of an ordeal, outlining the unanticipated series of events he encountered when trying to spend some time with his friends at an unidentified Texas restaurant. Hill and his buddies decided where to meet, then went to a nearby restaurant to have some talks and some laughs. That would change, though, when it came time to pay the bill.

“Unknowningly, the $20 bill I had in my wallet had ‘Trump Lives Here’ written in permanent marker on the White House,” Hill said. But those three words were all it needed for all hell to burst free with the employee, who was not very happy to see what was on the bill.

David Hill (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“The cashier looks at it and says, ‘I can’t take this money, its invalid because it’s been defaced,'” Hill said. Stunned, he asked if the cashier was serious, only to be left even more startled when the liberal firmly held his ground, asking whether the customer had another kind of payment.

At that point, it was a matter of principlethus,us Hill stayed to his guns as well and informed the cashier that all he had on hand. Leaving the customer even more disgusted, the cashier advised Hill to visit a nearby ATM to get some more money, then go back to the restaurant to pay the tab. Angry, David just looked the employee in the eye and said, “Nope, the money works, you can take it.”

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The employee threatened to call the police with the two at a standstill, but the Trump supporter welcomed the threat. A police officer showed up as a small group of spectators gathered and asked the typical question: “What seems to be the problem here?”

The cashier piped out a strong allegation before Hill could reply. He told the officer, “This man is attempting to pass defaced, counterfeit money, and I’m not accepting it.” The cop insisted on seeing the bill, of course, but once the officer examined the money more closely, the cashier did not get the expected response.

(David Hill (Photo Credit: Facebook)

After looking over the bill, the officer advised the staff member, “Son, there are millions of bills with writing on them, and it is valid money; kindly take it and give the gentleman his change.” Still, things were not quite over.

Surprising everyone, including Hill and the responding police officer, the cashier said, “Nope.” I am not swallowing it. The employee told the officer his reasons when he asked why not. “Because everything with Trump’s name on it disgusts me, he’s not president,” the staff member said. Still, things were not going to go his way.

(David Hill posted this image along with his recollection of the encounter. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Pausing momentarily, the cop said, “Ok, here’s the deal, take the money and give the gentleman his proper change or lunch is free today because he’s trying to pay you for the meal.” Surprising everyone, the liberal cashier would rather offer the Trump-supporter a free meal than take the money, thus he turned away the payment once more.

The officer turned to Hill and said, “Have a nice day, sir. You are free to go. The employee is not changing his mind.” Then he turned, with a warning, toward the cashier. “I guess when word gets out that meals are free if Trump’s name is written on a $20 bill on The White House, this place will get swamped with people wanting to eat for free,,” the officer said. Furthermore, he is likely to be unemployed when his supervisor discovers he has been costing the company money because of his personal political drive.

(David Hill (Photo Credit: Facebook)

As it happens, this cop knew what he was talking about, even though defiling a bill is frowned upon. U.S. Code § 333 states technically only that it is illegal to deface money to the extent it is “rendered unusable.” This was only written on, thus the bill could still function; hence, it was legal tender and a cashier would have to handle it.

If you deal with the public, you also have to learn to treat all paying consumers the same and leave your own political inclination at home. This worker should have taken the money; Hill would have to accept his change if it had a message stamped on it that he disagreed with.

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