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Unusual rashes and scratchy skin may be signs of kidney disease.

The kidney is a very vital organ in the human body. It filters the blood and removes waste, toxins and excess fluid from it. It also maintains the blood pressure and regulates the production of red blood cells. Owing to all its functions, it becomes essential for the kidney to function normally in order to maintain the health of an individual.

kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition in which the kidney is damaged and does not perform all its functions properly. It causes all the waste and extra fluid to remain in the body, which leads to varying degrees of health problems. CKDs are a highly common condition and they are the leading causes of death in the United States.

Unusual rashes and scratchy skin may be manifestations of a kidney disease.

Kidney disease usually has a variety of symptoms like shortness of breath, tiredness, difficulty sleeping, and blood in urine etc. One among these many symptoms is skin problems. A patient with a CKD usually develops some kind of skin illness like rashes, skin dryness or itching of the skin. This is because of the high urinary levels in the body. It is common to notice that patients receiving dialysis usually complain about their rashes or itchiness.

If you notice such skin rashes on your body, it is advisable to get a checkup because often times it leads to the diagnosis of a kidney disease.

How are these skin problems cured?

Although there is no direct way of curing the skin problems caused by CKDs, the simply answer is for the CKD itself to be cured. Doctors usually recommend some general-purpose cream to patients in order to reduce the itching. But the condition is only gone completely when the kidney tests are improved.

Such visible symptoms like rashes really help in early diagnosis of a disease even though they can be highly bothersome.

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