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Venus mission configured: Isro chief reveals post Chandrayaan-3 plans

Just nearly a month after it has landed Chandrayaan-3 on the moon and has even successfully roved over a 100 meters round the Indian space research organization ISRO has set all its right on a new target – Venus.

ISRO chief S Somnath has recently confirmed that India’s mission to Venus that is the brightest planet in our solar system has been configured.

The payloads for the mission have been already developed and are marking a significant milestone in India’s space exploration endeavors and all the details were given by the Indian space agency chief which was given while addressing the Indian National Science academy that is situated in Delhi.

The mission is unofficially known as Shukrayaan which is derived from Sanskrit words Shukra meaning venus and yana refers to craft or vehicle which is expected to be launched in the upcoming years.

The primary and the uttermost focus of the mission is to study the surface and the atmosphere of Venus which is seen as notoriously thick and is filled with acids while the atmospheric pressure on Venus is around 100 that of Earth which is making it a challenging environment for exploration.

ISRO chief has highlighted the importance of understanding Venus which states that Venus is a very interesting planet and also has an atmosphere which is referred to as thick and you cannot penetrate the surface thus we never know whether the surface is hard or not.

He further mentioned that the study of Venus could even provide crucial insights into the future of the own planet and Earth could be one day Venus no one knowns that maybe 10,000 years later the Earth could change its characteristics and the Earth was never like this as it was not a habitable place long long back.

The Venus Orbiter Mission will surely follow into the footsteps of the other international mission to the Venus planned by NASA and the European Space Agency in the 2030’s thus these mission have aimed to gather data on the atmospheric descent and has conducted orbital observations of the planet.

Thus, the ISRO’s mission to Venus signified India’s growing prominence in the space exploration with this mission India has joined a selected group of nations that have surely embarked on the Interplanetary mission which are underscoring its commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and understanding our whole solar system.

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