VIDEO: Texas Tuba Player Teach Obnoxious Heckler A Lesson.

After being caught on video reaching his breaking point with an annoying heckler and choosing to teach his tormentor a tough lesson on respect, a Texas tuba player went viral.

(A Texas Southern tuba player faced off with an aggressive heckler at a Saturday college football game against Jackson State. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Though the specifics were few and far between, that did not stop a video shot taken during a Saturday college football game between Texas Southern and Jackson State from going viral. The brief clip, which barely lasted a whole minute, showed a Texas Southern University tuba player rapidly approaching his breaking point under extreme pressure from an aggressive Jackson State fan.

According to the NY Post, the video footage from the stands starts with the tuba player of the Texas college band bouncing to the music while the Jackson State fan starts screaming at him. He tries to remain calm and keep on performing with the band while the fan yells at the tuba player aggressively. He finally determines, though, that he has had enough.

Based on the brief clip, the fan was screaming at the tuba player moments before all hell seemed to erupt—at least momentarily. The Texas Southern tuba player quickly chooses to end the Jackson State heckler’s outburst by punching the bully in the stands while facing the fan.

Having had enough from the fan, the Texas Southern musician quickly knocks out his annoying tormentor during the Saturday football game before he nonchalantly continues his performance, playing his instrument as if the fight never happened, without apparently even missing a beat.

(Fed up with the heckler, the tuba player punches the man repeatedly. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“The Texas Southern tuba player says something to the man before swiftly punching him four times in the face,” the NY Post said, adding, “In one recording of the incident, the band member can be heard telling the aggressive fan, ‘F–k off, b—h.'” Before the tuba player decided to throw hands, nothing is known.

The heckler staggered back many feet in the stands following the Texas tuba player’s repeated punches. According to first accounts, the Jackson State fan did not sustain any physical injuries from the scuffle. Still, as the embarrassing incident went viral, his ego suffered, most likely. After all, a mouthy bully is unlikely to appreciate receiving his comeuppance from a school band member.

(After punching the heckler repeatedly, the tuba player nonchalantly continued playing his instrument as if nothing had happened. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The man’s ego suffered a likely severe blow from the fact that it went viral for the entire globe to view. Rather than being seen as a tough guy who embarrassed the band, he gets to go down in infamy as the agitator who bit off more than he could chew when he decided to bully a tuba player in the college band.

Hopefully, this teaches other disruptive fans who find it appealing to badger their opposition. You might simply find yourself in your place, with the entire planet seeing video proof of your outburst and your fallout. That must be humiliating.

(Just as fast as he threw hands, the Texas tuba player resumed his performance without seeming to miss a beat. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Regarding the tuba player, first accounts did not show whether police responded to the incident or whether any action was taken against the band member, but we hope not. Although we usually support nonviolence, we do believe you reap what you sow and that you should be able to defend yourself from unjust, unwarranted, unwanted, and needless attacks. As stated differently, bullies are an anomaly.

In my modest view, the victim should be able to defend herself against her aggressor; as far as I’m concerned, a heckler aggressively screaming in someone’s face ranks right up with assault. Therefore, even though Texas Southern University’s football team lost to Jackson State, 21-19, I thought their band had at least one winner that evening. Hats off to the tuba player who refused unjustifiable disrespect!

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