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Webb’s stunning new image catches two stars as they form:

Webbs stunning image

We all remember how NASA celebrated its first anniversary and just after that, it shared another James Webb space telescope photo. The high-resolution infrared image captured two stars forming.

The tightly bound pair of stars lies 1470 light-years away in the direction of the vela constellation.

The stars are known as Herbig-Haro 46/47 and are within the orange-white blob in the given image which are buried deep inside a disc of gas and dust which is feeding their growth as they get bigger. The attention-grabbing fact is that these stars are only a few thousand years old which means they are very young in cosmic terms.

Usually, a star system takes millions of years to form, and looking into a system like Herbig Haro gives insight into how much mass stars gather over time thus modeling how our sun formed.

The burning orange color is seen because of the two-sided lobes moving out from the forming central stars. A lot of material was shot out because of its repetitive consumption and ejection of gases and dust which surrounded them over thousands of years.

The presence of orange-white blotch signifies the presence of a turbulent duo of two young stars and their complete maturation will have a span of millions of years.

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