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With a new setting, it could be simpler to reject spam calls on WhatsApp.

We’re all familiar with WhatsApp, the instant messaging software owned by Meta. So much of our life currently is dependent on this particular app because of the way it keeps us connected to all of our contacts. Moreover, it’s simple, convenient and engaging. But just like everything else, it also comes with its own set of problems.

It is not uncommon for WhatsApp users to received unwanted spam calls on a rather frequent basis. Such calls disturb users and disrupt their day-to-day lives. Not only spam calls, but also calls from unknown numbers are equally annoying. Fortunately though, reports have come out stating that WhatsApp is developing a new and upcoming feature for this problem.

One step closer to rejecting unwanted calls on WhatsApp

As per a report, WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature called “silence unknown callers.” This feature will likely allow users to silence calls from unknown numbers. But the calls will still be displayed in the notification center and call list. WABetaInfo reports that this new feature is currently being tested for WhatsApp’s android beta version and that it will also help in avoiding spam calls. Overall, the “silence unknown callers” feature will support the app users in the best way possible.

How to access the upcoming feature?

The news about this new feature came alongside the announcement of another feature called “Newsletter” which will simplify group communications. The source that made this report also posted screenshots that showed how to use the “silence unknown callers” feature once it is released. The toggle for muting unknown calls will be shown in the setting menu of the app. When a user manually enables this feature, unknown calls will automatically become silent and will only appear in the notification list and call list.

whatsapp toggle menu

If this feature is released on WhatsApp, it is sure to make communication on the app much easier for everyone. But currently, we don’t have much information regarding the release of the feature.

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