Woman Pulls Paralyzed Man From Burning Car, Later Gets A Call.

A woman pulled a paralyzed man to safety when he was caught in a burning car with moments to live. A call the heroic woman would never forget came days later.

Woman Pulls Paralyzed Man From Burning Car, Later Gets A Call.
Dennis Brown was inside a burning car that he rented (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Saying that life has been a struggle for Dennis Brown is understated. Shot at 22, the 58-year-old Dallas resident later became paralyzed from the waist down. He never let his handicap stop him, though. Actually, he even picked up the ability to run a car with a few tweaks. But something that had somewhat eased his life would also be threatened with being lost. Brown says something simply wasn’t right after leasing a car from Enterprise with a hand control device installed. He turned on the ignition and smelled something unusual. The front of the car exploded without warning, smothering the car in smoke and locking him inside. He found himself inside a burning car

“I think it was a wiring issue. I rented this car several times this time it smelled funny,” Brown wrote. “It started smoking then I looked up it’s on fire.”

As smoke consumed the vehicle, Tammi Arrington arrived. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Tammi Arrington, 42, glanced outside to see the fire as her friend was moving into a nearby house. She headed over and peered through the smoke, unable to get rid of a gut feeling that someone might need help, even though she thought the car was empty. She saw movement through the window coming from the driver’s seat, according to the New York Post.

“I just happened to see his head move just a little bit from the headrest and then I realized there was someone in there,” Arrington said.

Arrington urged Brown to run by swiftly rushing over and opening the door. She knew she had to move fast when the passenger told her he was paralyzed.

“She said, ‘Get out of the car,’” said Brown. “I said, ‘I can’t, I’m in a wheelchair.’”

Arrington first tried retrieving Brown’s wheelchair but soon found she lacked time to assemble it. The 5-foot-3-inch woman pulled Brown straight out of the car and far from the flames without thinking twice. Then she got up and put together his wheelchair while firefighters showed up to put out the flames.

She had clearly saved Brown’s life, but she slipped away before Brown could properly honor her or even get her name. Brown aired his plea on the news, hoping to get back in touch with her. Days later, Arrington got an uninvited call.

“I’d like to appreciate her for her heroic act,” he told the station. “She went into harm’s way to save me. Dragged me out. I’d like to thank her.”

Dennis Brown managed to track down his rescuer, Tammi Arrington. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Arrington heard the same familiar voice that had cried out to her just days before when she answered the phone. But this time it was overflowing with thankfulness and delight.

“The first thing I said was, ‘Tammi, this is Dennis, the guy in the wheelchair,’” Brown said. “We started laughing, man, we just started laughing.”

Arrington has won accolades for her deeds, but the modest heroine feels she did nothing unusual.

“I’m glad he’s OK,” Arrington said, later adding, “Any human response — I think if they saw that, they would have done the same thing.”

Dennis Brown has not let the horrific incident involving the burning car bring him down. He has not let this second near-death experience do so. If anything, he is more appreciative than he has ever been of the gift of life.

“Life is beautiful, even from the sitting down position,” Brown said with a big smile.

The next time his rescuer was in town, Brown volunteered to treat Tammi Arrington and her friend to dinner. For the woman who risked her life to offer him a fighting chance, he thought it was the least he could do.

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