Woman Starts Screaming After Seeing Shirt That ‘Demonizes Muslims’.

An unwelcome visitor entered a university where a woman was studying. She found what she saw right away unacceptable. She demanded one glance at what was there and found out that his shirt “demonizes Muslims .”. After that, she launched a surprise at the man, who had a ready-made response.

Dennis Huts is a recognizable member of United Patriots Front (Photo Credit: Facebook)

At Perth’s Curtin University in Australia, young Ayan Mohamed confronted well-known United Patriots Front member Dennis Huts because of his shirt that demonizes Muslims.”. While the man is a far-right anti-Islam leader, the Muslim woman is a left-wing student politician. It amounted to the ideal storm.

Standing for the Left Action group, Mohamed is a left-wing activist joining the National Union of Students. She says on a campaign leaflet at the university that she will “defend student’s rights and fight for social justice.” Still, not everyone seems to enjoy her combat approach.

Woman Starts Screaming After Seeing Shirt That ‘Demonizes Muslims’.
Ayan Mohamed is a left-wing student politician. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Although it is unclear if the conflict started before the filming started, the confrontation video shows Mohamed screaming at Huts. The woman is seen in the mobile phone footage fiercely yelling at the man, calling him a “fascist” and charging him with “demonizing Muslims.” “You have no right to be here,” she said as he tried to enter the university building.

Huts then told Mohamed he had an appointment at student services and had attended the university before, but she swiftly closed him down. You have no right to be on this campus. You do not. Leave campus. This is not welcome from you. Get off,” the lady remarked.

Prominent United Patriots Front member Dennis Huts is pictured wearing his t-shirt that “demonizes Muslims,” which supports Pauline Hanson and the One Nation party. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Mohamed later attacked Huts for his t-shirt supporting One Nation Party founder and leader, Australian politician Pauline Hanson. Declaring that “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims” and advocating a stop to all Muslim immigration, the divisive Queensland Senator has infuriated critics.

“Why might you be sporting a Pauline Hanson shirt? Why do you have on a Hanson shirt? Mohamed asked again and again. “He is a proto-fascist,” she yelled as other students started to cluster around. He is not entitled to be here. All he want to do is discredit Muslims. Muslims are at last tired enough. You are not welcome here; get off this campus.

Ayan Mohamed received support from another woman who witnessed the confrontation. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As Mohamed persisted in accusing him of being a “fascist,” Huts insisted he had as much right to be on the Curtin University campus as anyone else. Another woman went to defend Mohamed; she seemed to be a friend. ” Respect our rights. F*** off, move on, she said.

I have a meeting at student services. I am traveling. It was you that followed me, Huts said. “I used to be a student of this university. I have an appointment; I have a degree completed here. I have the right to be here. I am scheduled. I aim not at anyone. I scheduled a visit to this university. deal with it. Then he turned away and went into the university.


Dennis Huts was banned from Facebook for thirty days following the upload of the footage and had his original video taken off without explanation. He claimed in the video that it was illegal that “a Muslim woman and her Marxist friends attacked me.”riends.” Reacting to the footage being deleted, he said, “It staggers me they would do that given the stuff they allow to be on there. Such a double standard seems to be involved here.

After seeing the video, many people have sided with Huts; hence, Ayan Mohamed has become the target of abuse on social media. One commenter remarked that Huts ought to have “choked her” in her burqa. She was not wearing a burqa in the video, though; she was sporting a hijab. Once news sources contacted Mohamed, she erased her Facebook page.

Dennis Huts is pictured speaking at a Reclaim Australia rally. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Huts contends he did nothing illegal. Fascinatingly, Mohamed attended rallies as a counter-protester most of the time. “They attend Reclaim (Australia) events regularly. They understood that was what got them off-course. They objected, thus I was attacked,” he said. You watched the video; I did nothing illegal. I kept my cool, uploaded the video, and it went viral even though I was not the aggressor.

Huts claimed he did not start a fight wearing the t-shirt. “Wearing a shirt, if you wish to say that’s stirring things up… I wear the shirt a lot, a couple of times a week to all manner of place, he remarked. “Sometimes people look and I’ve had people say things, but she’s a democratically elected senator and a lot of people voted for her.”

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