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You won’t be allowed to remain if you enter the UK illegally: Rishi Sunak

The United Kingdom has long had a new prime minister since the resignation of Liz Truss. Indian-origin Rishi Sunak from the conservative party was appointed as the leader of the country soon after the preceding PM resigned from her post prematurely. Sunak’s appointment was in no way taken positively by everyone around the world but the fact is that, he has been fulfilling his duties as the PM ever since he took over that role. 

From reviewing the bill of rights to his balancing act, Rishi Sunak has done a lot since October of 2022. During his tenure he has earned support from all those who view his actions in a positive light but he has also gained substantial opposition at every point in his career. The new law that he seeks to implement has also received such mixed reactions.

Rishi Sunak says that illegal immigrants will not be allowed to enter the UK

Recently in an interview, Sunak released a warning for the illegal immigrants entering the United Kingdom that they will be deported and that they would not be allowed to apply for asylum. With the increasing number of immigrants crossing the country’s border, Sunak felt it was the right time to push this legislation.

According to Fox news, the prime minister has plans to push the new legislation on illegal immigrants later this week. The emphasis of the legislation will be on illegal immigrants entering the country in boats sailing across the English Channel. According to this new legislation, the home secretary will now have a duty to send anyone or anything arriving from these boats to Rwanda or a “safe third world country.”

rishi sunak says illegal immigrants will not be allowed to stay

The Prime Minister’s further thoughts on illegal immigrants

As Rishi Sunak focuses primarily on stopping the boats from entering his country, he said, “Make no mistake, if you come here illegally, you will not be able to stay.” He further added, “Illegal migration is not fair on British taxpayers, it is not fair on those who come here legally and it is not right that criminal gangs should be allowed to continue their immoral trade. I am determined to deliver on my promise to stop the boats.”

Public reaction to the new legislation

Every new law or rule comes with its own set of people who are either for or against it. But one thing is for sure, people always have their own opinions and they voice it out, as they rightfully should. A lot of the discussion surrounding the law against illegal immigrants has been regarding the breach of human rights.

This attempt to tackle asylum seekers is not new for the UK. They have been trying to achieve this since a long time but it isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, coordination with other countries and resources.

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