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Zuckerberg reveals threads users are down by more than half


According to Marks Zuckerberg its new social media platform threads have unfortunately lost more than half of its users.

Even though the Twitter rival boomed to more than 100 million users that also within five days but according to Mr. Zuckerberg if 100 million users are signed up then it would be awesome if even half of them or more than that just stuck around but unfortunately, they are not there yet.

According to the Reuters news agency, they described this as the normal situation and said the retention to improve was anticipated as new features were being added. At the time of launch, the threads were criticized due to their limited functionality. The new features of meta such as following and for your feeds and increasing the scope for translation of posts into languages have increased its potential.

They have closely linked to Instagram as to sign up for threads one must have an Instagram account to view the important threads.

He even updated all the employees about the enormous bet taken by the company on a yet-to-be-created virtual reality world also called Metaverse. According to him the work on virtual and argument reality is on not track but not ahead.

But there are still some consequences, as the prediction may intensify the concerns about the meta dedicating too much money to the meta verse, especially to the reality labs division which is producing VR headsets and other products but has recked up multi-billion-dollar losses.

Despite the above consequence the company as a whole continues to perform well financially and this week announced a profit of $7.79bn in the last quarter which is still considered a boon for the company.

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