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Tom Hanks’ Son Shares Emotions Regarding His Famous Father.

The son of Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson, Chet Hanks, revealed his actual sentiments about his famous father, and…

6-year-old dies after bike ride

6-year-old dies after bike ride; Family warns others.

A 6-year-old boy screamed for his father while riding his bike on a well-known path, fell, and started to turn…

Suzanne Somers Reveals

Suzanne Somers Reveals Why She Didn’t Co-Host ‘The View’

Fans praised actress Suzanne Somers for disclosing the reason she turned down an invitation to cohost “The View.” Rising to…

American Flag

American Flag: 10 Rejected Designs.

Since its first design in 1818, the American flag, a symbol of pride and unity, has changed significantly. On a…

Simon Cowell Started Crying

Simon Cowell Started Crying After The Boy Sang Such a Song.

Following a show-stopping performance on «America’s Got Talent» (AGT), New York named Luke Islam became a household name. Luke, just…

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